Everything is Awesome!

Awesome Con, DC’s Comic/Pop Culture Convention, is growing.


Only in it’s second year, I was shocked to see Awesome Con packed with passionate nerds of all ages and sizes. Sure, we didn’t break the world record for largest group of people dressed as comic book characters in one place, but the pictures that resulted were enough to grab the attention of everyone in town. In terms of panels, headliners like Billie Piper from Doctor Who only show that DC’s Con has only gotten more clout…in a single year. The program already announced that Awesome Con will be returning next year on April 19 and 20th and that “Yes, it will be much BIGGER!!!” Though it is no San Diego Comic Con in terms of size, celebrities, or sheer craziness it is surprisingly easy to navigate and extremely satisfying.  I’ve already marked my calendar for next year, and label it a “Must Try” for any nerd in the Mid-Atlantic. See for yourself.


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